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T.W.A.T. The War Against Terror is actually a war against FREEDOM. Check out Chris Everard's new documentary movie watch it now - no downloading required your subscription/donation allows instantaneous access with fast streaming of movies, news reports and hundreds of TV shows Get Full Access Sign up Now
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Every day, rare documentaries are deleted from video sharing websites, or blocked from public view. TV stations worldwide are wiping and erasing their old video tape stock and trashing documentaries and experimental films.


Our HD Video Search Engine creates a virtual mirror-memory which preserves

knowledge contained in rare films & documentaries which are no longer available.


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We are supported by our viewers subscriptions & donations

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Welcome to the Global Awakening. The Enigma Channel is the world’s first global online TV station, broadcasting via the web since 1998. You can watch documentary films & news reports from anywhere in the world, on any device, without any set-top box. Everything is in HD. I made my first documentary film in 1997 exposing the fact that small spherical lights were being chased by British Army helicopters near Stonehenge. My investigation led me to a conspiracy of VIPs, government ministers & military people who were all members of Freemasonry. I then made a series of films about the covens, cults and secret societies who have seeded their members into influential jobs in government and the Media. Since then, 10 million visitors and subscribers have flowed through my websites, and more than one billion people have watched my films." Welcome to the Global Awakening. Welcome to The Enigma Channel. Chris Everard Monte Carlo 2016
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